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Kevin L. Wright - CEO/Founder

In 1991, Mr. Wright founded the original company in Denver Colorado. GPG, Inc. has now become one of the most specialized companies of its’ kind in the United States offering unique and proprietary services and government marketing programs and sales systems.

Mr. Wright is considered an expert in government marketing with special emphasis on local level government as well as national and specialized vertical markets. Mr. Wright has received both local and national sales awards, and has conducted government marketing for some of the largest corporations in the United States. In fact, in 1990 Mr. Wright was ranked 11th in the nation out of the top 25 computer/IT salespeople by such companies as Compaq and Sears Business Centers, etc., as a direct result of his personally pioneered and proprietary government marketing, sales and bidding techniques. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) from the University of Phoenix.

Over the years such companies as Hewlett Packard, Intelligent Electronics, Sears, AT&T, IBM, Compaq, Brother International, Lucent Technologies, Inter-Tel, PageNet, Neopost, Kinko's and many others have directly benefited from Mr. Wright's services or talents. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur of several companies ranging from service, electronics manufacturing, internet marketing, financial services, advertising, and others, Mr. Wright also adds a common sense business approach to the government marketing and sales training programs that you will come to appreciate. Mr. Wright understands the need to generate profitable business as fast as possible, and has taken that into consideration in developing these government marketing programs and services.

Over the years, Mr. Wright's entrepreneurial work has been featured on Television,
Radio and in major Newspapers and Magazines across the nation.

Doyle J. Eklund - Chief Financial Officer, CFO

As CFO, Doyle Eklund is an experienced financial and operations management executive as well as an experienced leader in turn-around management and reorganization.  Mr. Eklund has planned and implemented the consolidation of manufacturing companies with sales in excess of $100,000,000. He has also acquired major industrial plants and equipment including the expansion into new business ventures with some of his clientele.  In addition to Mr. Eklund’s role as CFO, he has a consulting practice that works with different entrepreneurial companies giving them the financial and long-term strategic advice they need for expanding operations.

Walter Wong
- Human Resources Dept. Manager

With more than 25 years of experience in Human Resources, 10 years of leadership experience serving his country in the Armed Forces, a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and Organizational Development, Walter Wong embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and founded HR On-Call.  He has achieved his goal to build a premier HR Consulting Firm to serve public, private and non-profit companies. Walter is a seasoned consultant from numerous industries where he held key HR positions. His business management, human resources and employment background with small, midsize and several Fortune 500 Corporations, has helped him navigate a path supporting clients within a variety of industries. In additional to his experience of all HR functions, Walter brings to his clients, knowledge in the areas of Risk Management, Executive Coaching, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning.

Ernie Quinn
- Director of Social Responsibility, DSR

As seasoned business entrepreneur, Ernie Quinn overseas GPG's Social Responsibility Program. It is the goal of GPG to donate 10% of its' annual net earnings to social causes with a primary focus on Orphanages in the West Indies, Homelessness in the United States as well as clean water initiatives and others.



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