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State & Local Market Based Programs

These programs are the easiest and fastest way for any company to begin expanding into the government market with virtually no risk. State & local market programs include selling to all levels of government within a defined geographic area, such as the state your company operates in. These programs include selling to the main procurement offices located in that state or market. They cover all levels of government located there - Federal, State, City, County, School Districts, Community Colleges, (GF) Hospitals, as well as Townships and Boroughs if they apply to your selected market. We offer two different programs as follows:


JUMP START #20 "Full Service" Gov't Marketing Program

The Jump Start #20 Government Marketing Program is a comprehensive marketing and consulting program that enables your company to rapidly and effectively expand, or further expand into all levels of government within your state or selected market. With the Jump Start #20 Program, most of the initial government marketing expansion work is done for you and is performed in conjunction with the comprehensive training of your salespeople. The Jump Start #20 Program is typically performed over a 30 to 45 day period.

QUICK START #101 "Do-it-Yourself" Gov't Marketing Program

This program includes all the tools you need to Quick Start your entire government marketing program starting from scratch using our tools.  This product is great for franchises and very small businesses that may have a limited marketing budget.


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