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Quick Start #101
Do-It-Yourself eKit - Government Marketing Program

This program includes all the tools you need to Quick Start your entire government marketing program starting from scratch using our tools.  This product is great for franchises and very small businesses that may have a limited marketing budget. Most companies can save at least 6 to 8 months of legwork and thousands of dollars by simply using our Quick Start #101 Program.

No longer will your salespeople have to stumble through unknown government sales processes. Now they can easily learn what must be done and when to do it. Plus they will have all the required sales tools at hand to sell to all levels of government. This program removes the guess work and creates results!

This is the fastest and easiest way to start or to further expand your government marketing efforts!

Pricing varies based upon selected market and state, ask your representative for current pricing.

1. Government Procurement/Customer Database

For your specific state/market as ordered the database will contain all the basic contact information that we have identified - Agency Name, Address, Phone Number and a Purchasing Contact and/or Primary Point of Contact. The database will include at least 200 of the "main" procurement offices and/or agencies with a special focus on local level government. It will consist of Federal (non-DOD), State, City, County, School Districts, Community Colleges, Universities, (GF) Hospitals as well as Townships and Boroughs if they apply to your state.

2. Vendor Registration Shortcut Process - Includes Forms & Letters

Regardless of how you approach government marketing, one issue that you will have to address is becoming a registered vendor with each agency. Therefore, we provide you with GSG's "PROPRIETARY" forms and letters so you can implement our vendor registration shortcut by yourself. This can help reduce up to 95% of your initial "Vendor Registration Paperwork" with local level governments. This "shortcut" is an absolute must and can save you 6 to 8 months of work processing vendor registration paperwork. (The proprietary e-files will come as MS Word files for universal use and includes examples).

3. Comprehensive Online Government Sales Training Program

You will learn over 100 critical topics starting with the basics, to the most advanced sales techniques that can be used today in government sales. You will also learn critical bidding techniques such as Positive Escalator Clause Implementation, Alternative Bidding Practices, Piggy Back Bid Structuring, and much more. This training will cover selling to all levels of government, but it has a special emphasis on local level government.

4. Includes 3 months of FREE telephone support

This would be for any questions as they pertain to any of the topics as covered in the sales training program as you begin working your accounts.

5. Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

It's simple! All you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions, and within 30 to 60 days you will be fully established into hundred(s) of government agencies as a vendor ready to do business with each of them. Each step that must be performed is outlined in detail so anyone can do it. You can rest assured that all the unknown elements are removed and your success awaits as you follow through using our proprietary processes and techniques.

Quick Start #101 "Do-It-Yourself" Program "DOES NOT" include the 100% Success Guarantee!


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