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Legal Notice & Disclosures

Whereas, Government Procurement Group, Inc. (GPG) as the developer of said Government Marketing & Sales Training Programs, hereby reserves all rights. Any copying, transmitting, printing, publishing or reproducing etc., of this web site, GPG's government marketing programs, CD's, concepts, processes or proprietary systems etc., in any form is strictly prohibited. Government Procurement Group, Inc. is serious about protecting all copyrights and proprietary sales training information and processes to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. Moreover, Government Procurement Group, Inc. (GPG) is a private company and is not directly or indirectly affiliated with any government agency.

At no time can Government Procurement Group, Inc. guarantee the performance and/or end result that any company may achieve if they use our products or services. GPG cannot, and will not guarantee that a customer will be able to obtain government business if they use any of our programs other than what would be outlined in the terms of a Success Guarantee; but only if such applies to the specific product or service being purchased. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow through and do their part to be successful in selling to the government by working their accounts correctly and bidding their bids, etc. Moreover, GPG does not, and will not, recognize any claims of service/promises, etc., other than those that are in written form and approved by GPG in writing.

Whereas, by using any of GPG's products or services you hereby release Government Procurement Group, Inc., Kevin L. Wright, and/or any of GPG's Independent Business Associates of any and all liabilities as a result of their use, either directly, or indirectly. Moreover, you and your company hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions herein, and to any required service contracts that may be required in the course of providing services to you.

Whereas, our programs, program materials, consultations, and bid consultation reviews, etc., are provided for their informational value only. If the reader, student or purchaser is in doubt about any of the topics or information covered, then he/she should consult with an attorney, procurement office or any other necessary professional before taking any and all actions.  To clarify, in the event GPG provides a Bid/Contract/RFP consultation, it’s the responsibility of the customer to verify said recommendations through the appropriate government procurement office or other means before submitting the bid or RFP, etc.  By the use of a GPG’s program(s), you the customer hereby agree to release GPG and/or its’ ownership and management of all associated liabilities that may arise from any consultations received, understanding that it’s you (the customers) responsibility to verify such information with the procurement office before submitting a bid and/or RFP, etc.  

GPG's Government Business Development Grant

Whereas, GPG's Government Business Development Grant Program was implemented to help companies during these difficult economic times to obtain government business. It was designed to help them expand their business into government markets, thus enabling them to sell their products or service to government agencies through the use of GPG's services.

How does it work?

Whereas, GPG has negotiated with its service vendors, contractors as well as internal staffing to provided services at a discounted rate, thus allowing for a savings to be created and in turn to be issued as a Grant Credit for vendors that sign up to use GPG's marketing services. This program has no cash value and can only be used as a grant discount credit for GPG services from the standard service rates.  Credit amounts will be determined by several factors, and will be evaluated on a case-by-case study, but consideration will be, but not limited to, company size, the service state, and the type of vendor industry as well as GPG's internal quota servicing factors.  Moreover, for further clarification, the term Grant Money/Available Grant Money is referring to the GPG's Internal Government Business Development Grant Program. Whereas, all monies will be issued only as a service credit for GPG's Government Marketing Programs. Programs are subject to change or termination without notice.

All monies paid to Government Procurement Group, Inc. in the general course of business are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in writing.

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