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Jump Start #20
Government Sales & Business Development Program

The Jump Start #20 "Full Service" Government Marketing & Business Development Program is a comprehensive marketing and consulting program that enables your company to rapidly and effectively expand, or further expand into all levels of government within your state or selected market.

With the Jump Start #20 Program, most of the initial government marketing expansion work is done for you, and it is performed in conjunction with the training of your salespeople, step-by-step. The Jump Start #20 Program is typically performed over a 30 to 45 day period.

Step #1: You Get 100’s of Active Government Customers with Purchasing Contacts

We share our largest government customers and procurement contacts with you, for your selected service area. Your company will instantly get New Government Customers that are actively and continually buying a broad range of both products and services in high volume, including yours. We have already done all the hard work for you and the Government Customer Database we provide will be complete with the Agency’s Name, Address, Phone Number and the Purchasing contact or a Primary Point of Contact. This is where you will continue to build on GPG’s foundations, by creating your own personal rapport, since your company will be able to work directly with each purchasing agent.

The "main" procurement offices/agencies as provided have a combined purchasing power that covers literally thousands of government agencies, sub-agencies and departments. Moreover, it covers all levels of government, such as, Federal (Non DOD), State, Cities, Counties, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Townships, Boroughs and Government Funded Hospitals, or those that apply for your state, etc.

Step #2: Procurement Office Vendor Registration for 100’s of Agencies (Reduce Red-Tape by 95%)

GPG will register your company as a vendor in each of the main procurement offices we work with using our proprietary “Vendor Registration Request Mailing Process”. Our proprietary process will reduce the vendor registration paperwork by 95% on average. This saves you from having to fill out hundreds of applications and several months of legwork.

How does it work?

We start by sending out our own "Vendor Registration Application" to each procurement office requesting that your company be added to their vendor's lists. Our application is accepted by most of the agencies we work with because it contains all the information about your company they are normally required to collect from you, for basic vendor registration. As for those agencies that require the vendor application on a special form, we request that the form be sent directly to you. You can then complete and return them as desired since some will require your signature or online registration. Moreover, you would be responsible to provide us with your company letterhead and envelopes for the vendor registration request mailing process, and you are responsible for your own postage. In short, this process can help cut through up to 95% of the initial vendor registration paperwork with hundreds of agencies. This will vary depending upon the state or market area being serviced.

Step #3: GPG makes your “First Sales Call” via Written Legal Request (Less work for you!)

You will appreciate this because we make the very first sales call for you in order to find out if there are any current bids or contract opportunities that you can immediately start responding to. This first sales call is done as a legal written request and it's included as a part of the Vendor Registration Paperwork.

Step #4: Advanced - Online Government Sales Training Program (Over 100 Critical Topics)

Our sales training program starts with the basics and ends with the most advanced government sales techniques used today. We believe that even the most seasoned government salesperson will walk away learning something new. In many cases, your salespeople will learn how to "beat out" the competition even when you're not the lowest priced bidder. Plus how to sell to the government and frequently bypass the bidding process completely by using one of our proprietary sales and bidding techniques. Also how to conduct post award account management, while learning the important steps in government marketing that are critical for overall success and maintaining a competitive edge.

The "Government Sales Training Program" covers over 100 critical topics on how to correctly and successfully sell to all levels of government in a step-by-step process, not only covering Federal, but with special emphasis on local level government too. This training is a must and it's provided in two stages. First you are provided with access to our comprehensive "Online Gov't Sales Training Program" covering all aspects of government marketing, and then it's followed up with a “Private one-on-one Teleconference Sales Training Session” - Step #5".

Step #5: Private One-On-One Teleconference Sales Training & Customized Business Strategy Session

We continue the sales training with our Private One-On-One Teleconference Sales Training Session. This is where we will show you the shortcuts on how to save 80% of your time when working with government accounts. We will also show you how to be paid faster, increase your profit margins, how to find 90% more bid and contract opportunities than most of your competitors are even aware of. Remember, knowledge is power! In addition, we will show you how to use several of our proprietary bidding techniques, and then brain storm with you, to help customize and adopt them specifically into your business.

We will also show you how to sell to the government without having to go through the bid process every time, all the while selling to them at a much higher profit margin. It’s actually very simple. For those of you that want more sub-contracting work, we will be teaching you how to use our proprietary ForeTrack process for finding and leveraging more sub-contract opportunities. In short, our processes have tremendous flexibility and these are just a few of the very powerful techniques that we will teach, customize and brainstorm with your sales staff.

Step #6: First Bid Review Consultation - Implementation of Proprietary Bidding Techniques

GPG will provide you with a First Bid Review Consultation. The First Bid Review Consultation can be on any bid regardless dollar value, large or small. GPG will be working with you to make sure you are applying the proprietary and exclusive bidding techniques that you have been taught to your very first bid. This will dramatically increase the likelihood of becoming a successful bidder. Plus, you will be able to use it as a training example and bid template for future bids so you don’t have to recreate everything from scratch every time you respond to a bid. This would include using my proprietary techniques like Positive Escalator Clauses, Alternative SOT Bidding, Piggyback Reversed Matrix Setup, and many more.

Step #7: $25,000.00 New Business Bidding Success Guarantee* (Failure is not an option.)

Undoubtedly, we are dedicated to your success! We are even willing to provide you with an unprecedented, $25,000.00 New Business Bidding Success Guarantee. We are making this so you literally cannot fail, unless you simply refuse to work your accounts and bid your bids.

So how does the $25,000.00 New Business Bidding Success Guarantee work?

We are so confident in what we do and how effective our proprietary techniques and consultations are, that after you receive the programs “First Bid Review Consultation” as outlined in Step Six, we will continue providing your company with FREE and Unlimited Bid Review Consultations. This is to help dial-in and tweak the bidding response process until your company has been able to generate at least $25,000.00 in gross - new business sales from government accounts. This for up to a one year period from the date of program start. Common sense terms and conditions do apply, so please see GovBidsGuaranteed.com for full details.

In Summary:

Don’t worry, we are holding your hands all the way through the process, all the while removing the unknown risk for you to expand your business. This is about getting your company positioned in these government accounts so you can potentially generate tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even tens of millions of dollars in new business, depending your capabilities and what type of product or service you sell.

It’s also about creating a customized and overly simple government sales process by using my insider trade secrets, shortcuts and proprietary account management and bidding techniques. If you are a small business with limited abilities, don’t worry, this program is fully scalable and allows you to pick and choose what you can respond to, based upon your current capabilities. If you’re a larger company, there is no limit, you can never outgrow GPG’s ability to expand your market share. Good Luck!



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