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GovRep - Contracted & Joint Sales Program

For select companies that qualify, GSG may chose to partner with them to oversea and manage the government sales process and conduct the government sales work as an Independently Contracted Government Sales Representative. The GovRep Program can be customized to meet your companies’ needs, and is idea for companies if they have limited abilities to properly manage their government accounts do to time, money, knowledge or staff restraints. Or perhaps, if they simply want to be more effective and streamlined in their government sales and marketing efforts while increasing sales staff accountability.

GovRep Program is a customized program with these four key elements.

1. Setup & Target Market Establishment

2. Ongoing - Sales Calls, Bid Location & Tracking, Account Management & Public Relations

3. Ongoing - Joint Bid Review Response, Post Award Follow-up & Account Staging

4. 100% Success Guarantee!

For your FREE Consultation, Strategy Report and Custom Solution for your government marketing needs, please call (949) 424-8225.


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