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Service Benefits and Program(s) Results

1. You will be able to leverage our experience, resources and proprietary processes so you can save you up to a year of sales legwork, while also reducing up to 95% of the paperwork. Plus, we can save you thousands of dollars in the process - Guaranteed!

2. Our programs cover all levels of government with a special emphasis on local level government, including Federal (non-DOD), State, City, County, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Townships, Boroughs, (GF) Hospitals and more.

3. We help you to cut through the "RED-TAPE" and dramatically reduce the initial vendor registration paperwork. By up to 95%!

4. Our marketing programs can help you seek out all government business, including up to 90% of the hidden "Non-Published" government procurement. This is the "Bread & Butter" and profit center for many businesses.

5. Our programs will save your company thousands of dollars in time, money and resources during your expansion into the government market.

6. Our "Proprietary Sales and Bidding Techniques" are extremely comprehensive, and will help give you a competitive edge to beat the competition; even when you're not the lowest priced bidder. Plus, you will learn how to sell to the government and bypass the bid process completely.

7. Our programs make your existing sales staff more productive and effective. We will show you how to locate and obtain business that many of you competitors are not even aware of.

Fact: Well over 800 billion dollars is spent each year covering the different levels of government. This includes Federal, State, City, County, Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, Townships, Boroughs and (GF) Hospitals, etc.

Fact: The government as a whole is the largest purchaser of products and services in the United States. Over 40% of the U.S. Economy is now dependent upon government contract and bid work.

Fact: In any given state there is an unlimited number of bid and contract opportunities for almost any company, regardless of product, service or size.

Fact: Most companies overlook the largest ongoing purchasing block in the U.S., simply because they lack the knowledge of how to penetrate it, and compete.

Fact: Regardless of what you sell, or how large or small your business is, we can help you tap into this vast market with government agencies located in your state.


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