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About Government Procurement Group, Inc. (GPG)

In preparation for taking the company pubic, Government Procurement Group, Inc., was incorporated by Kevin L. Wright the founder and CEO; as a conversion of his original company Government Services Group that was founded in Denver Colorado in 1991. Mr. Wright is known as one of the foremost government marketing experts in the United States. GPG, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies expand their business, market and profits by providing more effective and viable marketing solutions when pursuing the government market as a whole. The marketing and business solutions provided by GPG are designed to always be less expensive and more effective than in-house government marketing programs.

As a specialized government marketing and sales company, GPG can offer your company a wide range of government marketing and business solutions that can help your company succeed in a new, vast and unknown market. GPG's services include both local and state based programs, as well as national and vertical market focused programs.  Moreover, GPG offers comprehensive government sales training programs for your sales staff while teaching them proprietary sales and bidding techniques that are critical for your success.  In addition, GPG offers other market related services such as municipal and commercial leasing, and for qualified companies - contract sales representation programs may also be available.

GPG’s services are designed to always create a "win-win" environment, not only for you, but for the government agencies that we work with as well. This helps to foster a long-term working relationship with all who are involved.  Your success is the goal and most programs include a 100% Success Guarantee!*

Kevin L. Wright - CEO/Founder

GPG’s Government Marketing & Sales Training Programs were developed by Kevin L. Wright. In 1991, Mr. Wright founded the original company in Denver Colorado, and it has now become one of the most specialized companies of its’ kind in the United States offering unique and proprietary services and government marketing programs and sales systems.

Mr. Wright is considered an expert in government marketing with special emphasis on local level government as well as national and specialized vertical markets. Mr. Wright has received both local and national sales awards, and has conducted government marketing for some of the largest corporations in the United States. In fact, in 1990 Mr. Wright was ranked 11th in the nation out of the top 25 computer/IT salespeople by such companies as Compaq and Sears Business Centers, etc., as a direct result of his personally pioneered and proprietary government marketing, sales and bidding techniques. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) from the University of Phoenix.

Over the years such companies as Hewlett Packard, Intelligent Electronics, Sears, AT&T, IBM, Compaq, Brother International, Lucent Technologies, Inter-Tel, PageNet, Neopost, Kinko's and many others have directly benefited from Mr. Wright's services or talents. Furthermore, as an entrepreneur of several companies ranging from service, electronics manufacturing, internet marketing, financial services, advertising, and others, Mr. Wright also adds a common sense business approach to the government marketing and sales training programs that you will come to appreciate. Mr. Wright understands the need to generate profitable business as fast as possible, and has taken that into consideration in developing these government marketing programs and services.

Mr. Wright has specifically developed the Government Marketing & Sales Training Programs enabling you to adopt the sales techniques and processes to your business, regardless of what product or service you sell. Furthermore, in the sales training program you will learn how, when and where everything must be done in order to have a successful government marketing campaign. Moreover, you will learn how to consistently gain the advantage over the competition. Plus you will learn the vital shortcuts that can save you countless hours of work. Mr. Wright's government marketing programs are an absolute must for anyone who is serious about selling to the government.

Over the years, Mr. Wright's entrepreneurial work has been featured on Television, Radio and in major Newspapers and Magazines across the nation.

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